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Face to Face with Mr. Dudley Sirisena on 360o

Mr. Dudley Sirisena, Hons. Chairman of Araliya group of companies, has been invited to an open discussion on TV Derana 360o, telecasted on 28th Monday, January 2019 at 10.30 pm on TV Derana. The discussion was conducted on the subjects such as what he had to confront as a thriving businessman in Sri Lanka in maintain his position in Sri Lankan economic situation. “On country’s economy, I am greatly disappointed as a local businessman. And at the same time, I hold great responsibility in explaining the truth behind the political intervention in Sri Lankan economy, for I have not come this far as a businessman alone but many innocent people and farmers and have contributed to the success of my business career.

With his contribution to Sri Lankan economy and community with political, religious, social and education intervention, he explains on how he runs his business as walking on the edge of a knife without cutting anyone’s feet. Watch the full discussion with now available at You Tube under ‘360o with Dudley Sirisena (29-01-2019)’.