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‘Wadihiti Wandana Charikawa’ Successfully Organized For The 10th Time

Araliya Lands as the pioneer in Lands and Properties Sale in Sri Lanka, strongly maintain that looking after the elderly, weak, women and children in the Sri Lankan community is among the primary duties and responsibilities of the able citizens of the country. The community as a whole is directed in the right direction and is safeguarded with the knowledge and wisdom derived from the experiences gained by the elders of the community. Which is why Araliya Groups have organized a special programme to meet the elderly by arranging special Dharma programmes for them as an appreciation of their contribution to the society.

Being organized by Dudly Sirisena Social Care Foundation for the 10th time in a row, the event was held successfully in November 2018 at Pahala Biyanwala Pushpaarama Viharaya with the participation of many elders who were enjoying their retirement. A Dhamma programme was conducted by Venerable Mawarale Bhaddhiya Thero and the media coverage for the event was provided by Swadina Rupawahiniya.