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Araliya Lands and Homes Launches Latest HOUSING PROJECT IN KADAWATHA

The Araliya brand name that has won the highest level of trust amongst hundreds of thousands of Sri Lankans over the decades, has today being able to establish its dominance in a range of businesses providing a multitude of unmatched services to its customers. The Araliya Group which has always been deeply committed to catering to Sri Lankans’ requirements is presently gearing up to achieve a unique milestone, thereby showcasing more of its potential to the country. The Araliya Group which a decade ago initiated the Araliya Lands and Homes Company as one of its services to provide trustworthy land ownership to people, is today working on making your dream home a reality. Araliya Lands and Homes that has generated among Sri Lankans an incomparable trust over a decade offering ownership of land plots of one’s own, is scheduled to make its first move in its latest project tomorrow, fulfilling customers’ demand for fully-complete, modern, luxury housing. Accordingly, the first housing project of Araliya Lands and Homes conceptualized by Araliya Group Founder Dudley Sirisena is to be launched in Kadawatha. Through this initiative, Araliya Lands and Homes provides upper-middle income earners dreaming of inheriting a house in a land with all facilities nearby the Kadawatha town, an ideal opportunity. It’s a huge opportunity if one could own a house closer to the Kadawatha town that is bustling with development centering particularly the highway network. It is that huge opportunity Araliya Lands and Homes is working on to offer to its valued customers.

The first phase of the Araliya housing project that adds a novel inspiration to the diverse housing projects implemented around Sri Lanka at present, comprises of three houses. These houses are built in line with modern designs and planning, and Araliya Homes provides customers who wish to purchase these homes the facility to make changes to them as per their requirement. Thus, there is no doubt customers will be extremely delighted since they will be able to build their dream home according their wishes.

Araliya Lands and Homes which operates identifying changing customer needs well, provides land ownership at lowest prices compared to prices prevailing in a given region, and this could be considered as another significant factor. Here, the project is implemented with the aim of granting more concessions to the customer, by estimating the land in which the house is built at a lower price compared to its market value.
The housing project that is constructed by a top government-registered construction company, is to provide a 10-year all-inclusive guarantee as a start, and this would further strengthen the consumer trust placed on Araliya Lands and Homes. It is with a view of sustaining the customer trust and confidence placed on the company that it offers a complete after-sales package during that period.

Firstly, Araliya Lands and Homes will make public the housing plans relevant to the housing project, and those customers willing to bring in changes to them will get that opportunity. The ability for customers to make changes to the original housing plan based on the needs of family members and the employment is no doubt a great convenience when compared with other housing projects in the country.
Customers will get the opportunity to draw up plans according to their desires and get them finalized followin reservation of the land and house with an investment of Rs. 5 lakhs as initial advance payment. It is to facilitate customers get their house built according to their tastes and requirements that Araliya Lands and Homes even allows customers to decide on the raw materials to be used for the construction. As for the construction of the house, affordable percentage of the total value of the property (house and land) has to be handed over to Araliya Lands and Homes by the customer, and thereafter the company will go ahead with construction work as per customer requirements. Construction of the house will be completed within a period of 8 months, and the customer is given the opportunity to settle the balance payment in installments. In addition, based on the customer’s payment potential, Araliya Lands and Homes is also ready to arrange a housing loan from any bank in the country.

Furthermore, it is with the objective of providing a superior service to customers that the company is willing to arrange the supply of furniture needed for the house from whichever firm the customer recommends. What is noteworthy here is that the company would charge only the purchase cost of the furniture from the customer.

In addition to this 3-house luxury housing project being constructed nearby the Kadawatha town that is in close proximity to the fast developing capital city, Araliya Lands and Homes is also working on launching more housing project for the financially diverse Sri Lankans in the future. This news will certainly bring joy to hundreds of thousands of people dreaming of owing a house closer to the capital city. Therefore, Araliya Lands and Homes as the trusted partner that will enable you to materialize the dream of owning a gorgeous home tomorrow, will no doubt add a new meaning as well as pride to your life.